Thinking Gray

Thinking Gray Since this year started, I’ve completed 496 tasks. At least, that’s what OmniFocus – the software that I use for task management – tells me. I dove into the deep-end of the productivity pool after Alberto Rademaker‘s Second Brain presentation during my trip to Chile for Exosphere. I’ve adopted the “second brain” metaphor quite literally – blindly following the...

A New City and a New Approach to Education with Exosphere

A New City and a New Approach to Education with Exosphere At the end of October, I took a week off to lead a programming workshop in Santiago, Chile. In typical form, I had been up for roughly 26 hours before I hopped in a cab to begin my 21-hour trip. I can’t remember what I was thinking, but I expect sleeping on the plane was part of the plan. I can never sleep on planes, I always deprive myself of sleep beforehand, and I always arrive a complete mess. After...

A Whirlwind 2013 in San Diego

A Whirlwind 2013 in San Diego 3 blocks to the closest surf spot When I decided to come back to the States, and being the person I am, I immediately began work on a giant spreadsheet to help me choose where I wanted to go next. Warm weather and proximity to a good surfing beach were obviously the first two entries. But I also had a few more personal things like how long it would take me to visit friends and family and $$ invested in...

2012 – Discovery by Elimination

2012 – Discovery by Elimination 2012 was a year of restlessness and unhealthy work habits. It was also a year of self-discovery (or self-annihilation, depending on your view of self!) and a redefinition of priorities. 2011 was brought to a close in Maui after a month-long trip around SEAsia. What followed was a year of 80-hour workweeks and, to be honest, I can’t even remember where I was, who I was with, or what I did for New...

Goodbye Koh Tao – Hello Chiang Mai!

Goodbye Koh Tao – Hello Chiang Mai! I decided to not go through with my Divemaster on just about the day it was supposed to start. The question over whether I really wanted to pursue it or not niggled into my mind somewhere in Kuala Lumpur – probably while I was staring at the ceiling fan of my 6ft x 12ft cell. Did I really want to spend the next 2 months in a town with 2 roads and a dozen restaurants? Also there’s no surf. And...

Cappuccino in Koh Tao

Cappuccino in Koh Tao Life on Koh Tao is a lot slower and a big part of my day – when I’m not seasick on a boat or 75 feet below the ocean’s surface – is spent eating, talking, and thinking. My favorite place is a French café right off the main street in Mae Haad called Cappuccino. Like almost everywhere on the island, it has an open-air patio and is way too big for the number of customers it ever has at any point in...

Arriving in Kuala Lumpur – Public Transit

Arriving in Kuala Lumpur – Public Transit I landed in Kuala Lumpur with a backpack and little more than a vague idea about where I was going. My first time traveling without a real “plan” was on my previous visit to Thailand two years ago. Arriving in a new place with a guidebook and a booked room has just the right combination of safety and spontaneity to get your adrenaline pumping while still knowing everything is going to turn out...

It’s Hard to Leave Bangkok

It’s Hard to Leave Bangkok I had a decision to make: buy a last-minute ticket to Manila or take my chances on making the cross-city bus ride to the international terminal in time to catch my flight to Kuala Lumpur. With a little under 90 minutes till my flight and an estimated bus ride time of 15 minutes it wasn’t an easy call to make – but I decided to make a mad dash for the international terminal, Don Mueang. Worst-case...

This is Not What I Thought I’d Be Doing

This is Not What I Thought I’d Be Doing This is not at all what I expected I would be doing when I left 3 weeks ago. I try to stay away from using cliches as much as possible – but this quote by Lennon is too good to pass up. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” I think this is the first time that I really get that quote. I had planned on traveling around Thailand for a month before my...

The Islands of Thailand – My Experiences on Koh Tao

The Islands of Thailand – My Experiences on Koh Tao “Okay now please put on ze bikini,” she said. “My bikini?” “Yes. You have it on, no?” “Uh, yeah, sure.” I turn around in my brown swimming trunks. “Does my bikini look alright?” “Fine. Good. Yes.” She says, half-smiling over her shoulder. I see now what people say about the French not caring much for learning English. Joelle would be...

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