Thinking Gray

Thinking Gray Since this year started, I’ve completed 496 tasks. At least, that’s what OmniFocus – the software that I use for task management – tells me. I dove into the deep-end of the productivity pool after Alberto Rademaker‘s Second Brain presentation during my trip to Chile for Exosphere. I’ve adopted the “second brain” metaphor quite literally – blindly following the...

A New City and a New Approach to Education with Exosphere

A New City and a New Approach to Education with Exosphere At the end of October, I took a week off to lead a programming workshop in Santiago, Chile. In typical form, I had been up for roughly 26 hours before I hopped in a cab to begin my 21-hour trip. I can’t remember what I was thinking, but I expect sleeping on the plane was part of the plan. I can never sleep on planes, I always deprive myself of sleep beforehand, and I always arrive a complete mess. After...

A Whirlwind 2013 in San Diego

A Whirlwind 2013 in San Diego 3 blocks to the closest surf spot When I decided to come back to the States, and being the person I am, I immediately began work on a giant spreadsheet to help me choose where I wanted to go next. Warm weather and proximity to a good surfing beach were obviously the first two entries. But I also had a few more personal things like how long it would take me to visit friends and family and $$ invested in...

2012 – Discovery by Elimination

2012 – Discovery by Elimination 2012 was a year of restlessness and unhealthy work habits. It was also a year of self-discovery (or self-annihilation, depending on your view of self!) and a redefinition of priorities. 2011 was brought to a close in Maui after a month-long trip around SEAsia. What followed was a year of 80-hour workweeks and, to be honest, I can’t even remember where I was, who I was with, or what I did for New...

Goodbye Koh Tao – Hello Chiang Mai!

Goodbye Koh Tao – Hello Chiang Mai! I decided to not go through with my Divemaster on just about the day it was supposed to start. The question over whether I really wanted to pursue it or not niggled into my mind somewhere in Kuala Lumpur – probably while I was staring at the ceiling fan of my 6ft x 12ft cell. Did I really want to spend the next 2 months in a town with 2 roads and a dozen restaurants? Also there’s no surf. And...

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