Goals Before Moving to Thailand – How I did

Goals Before Moving to Thailand – How I did When I decided I was moving to Thailand I wrote down a few things I wanted to accomplish before I got on the plane. It’s been 45 days since then and I’m now in Thailand so I figured it would be a good time to see how I did. Summed up in a word: eh. Some of the goals were a bit too audacious considering everything else that was going on (like learning Thai). Some of them were a bit  too simple (like...

Thailand Tips: Surviving Your First Day in Bangkok

Thailand Tips: Surviving Your First Day in Bangkok Your first day in Thailand – especially Bangkok – can be overwhelming. No matter what time of day you arrive, your first step out of the Suvarnabhumi airport will be met with an oppressive, sticky heat. If you’re really unlucky it will be raining. Bangkok is attempting to rebrand itself as the “City of Life” – and I think it’s an apt description. Underneath temples of incredibly...

My Packing List for Thailand

My Packing List for Thailand I’ve spent the last few weeks selling, donating, and giving away pretty much everything I own. As freeing as this was at first, it has started to get really hard! There are just so many things I feel I need to have with me – especially when it comes to clothes. I’m not very stylish – in fact, I tend to wear the exact same thing almost every day. But it’s nice to have the...

Teaching English in Thailand

Teaching English in Thailand Before we get started, I want to make it clear that I have never taught English in Thailand. I have friends who have taught in Thailand and all over the world – but I, myself, have never taught English abroad or at home. I started to look into teaching English during my stay abroad after realizing it would make getting a long-term visa much, much easier. I know. Not exactly the noblest of...

I’m Selling Everything and Moving to Thailand

I’m Selling Everything and Moving to Thailand Dramatic title aside, I am indeed selling (mostly) everything and moving to Thailand (initially). I also stopped working on RewardMe along with a few other team members at the beginning of July – times are a changin’! To those who know me well this probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. I’m a knowledge and experience junkie. Here’s the Five Ws explaining, well, the Five...

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