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Thinking Gray

Thinking Gray Since this year started, I’ve completed 496 tasks. At least, that’s what OmniFocus – the software that I use for task management – tells me. I dove into the deep-end of the productivity pool after Alberto Rademaker‘s Second Brain presentation during my trip to Chile for Exosphere. I’ve adopted the “second brain” metaphor quite literally – blindly following the...

Teaching English in Thailand

Teaching English in Thailand Before we get started, I want to make it clear that I have never taught English in Thailand. I have friends who have taught in Thailand and all over the world – but I, myself, have never taught English abroad or at home. I started to look into teaching English during my stay abroad after realizing it would make getting a long-term visa much, much easier. I know. Not exactly the noblest of...

I’m Selling Everything and Moving to Thailand

I’m Selling Everything and Moving to Thailand Dramatic title aside, I am indeed selling (mostly) everything and moving to Thailand (initially). I also stopped working on RewardMe along with a few other team members at the beginning of July – times are a changin’! To those who know me well this probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. I’m a knowledge and experience junkie. Here’s the Five Ws explaining, well, the Five...

8 Ways to Fail at Your Polyphasic Sleep Schedule

8 Ways to Fail at Your Polyphasic Sleep Schedule I have a love/hate relationships with sleep – I always have. I used to stay up for 40 hours at a time in a vain attempt to get more out of life. An 18-hour sleep-coma invariably followed and so I can’t say I was having much success. Needless to say, polyphasic sleep sounded interesting. I stumbled upon Steve Pavlina’s blog back in early 2010 and was instantly intrigued. Was it possible...

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